December 12, 2017

Rebecca & Ryan. Engagement, Family and Downhill Longboarding in the desert!

Ahhhh, Becca and Ryan are a dream.  SO fun and easy going!  You guys, I love, LOVE!! In all it’s forms and seasons.  These type of engagements hit my right in the heart, to see a blending of not only two people, but little people as well.  The best surprise, was at the end when Ryan said, “hey, do you mind if take a few of me longboarding?”.  I had no idea that he was going to strap a helmet on and going a million miles and hour down a busy road and then skid past me.  The lighting and desert were on point for this engagement session.  Some soft clouds to make all the desert colors, pop.  Super excited for their wedding day!  I anticipate some tears (from me).  Enjoy, xo.


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