November 15, 2017

Arianna + Alexander, Arizona Fall Engagement

So, we don’t really get “Fall” in Arizona.  This is when it starts cooling down and we just want to be outside all the time.  The perfect time for engagement photos.  This location is a hidden gem in the east valley.  Tall cottonwood trees, and a sandy wash is not typical of what you’d expect in the valley.  It’s just the change of pace some natives are looking for, and let’s be honest, pretty dreamy.

Speaking of dreamy, Arianna and Zander, right?  I met with Arianna and her darling mom Maria, and instantly fell in love with their sweet as can be personalities, and vision for their Monetulica wedding next November.  I remember leaving our meeting, thinking, I really hope they pick me, lol.  Lucky for me, they felt a connection and trust in me to capture it all.  I finally met Zander for the first time on the day of the engagements.  Unfortunately, he lives in Colorado and was so excited we could connect our schedules for this short time on a Sunday morning.  Then when they showed up in the most perfect wardrobe for this backdrop, I did a happy dance (on the inside).  The hardest part now, is waiting for a year to capture the magic of their wedding day.  Luckily, I stay in contact with my couples, and their moms 🙂 AND following them on social media is my favorite.  Enjoy friends!


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